Sunday, December 28, 2008


Infections in both ears and tonsillitis.

A great way to spend the holidays.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Housetraining? What's that?

We go through this every year, and really, I don't get it.

He get's the same number of walks at the same time as normal. Nothing changes in routine. He still pees and craps a bajillion times out on our walks...

...and he starts going to the bathroom in the house. For no apparent reason other than there's snow outside, though it goes for rain as well.

So, Mr. Frodo, welcome to crate land.

Apparently, I can no longer even leave him sleeping on GreenChair to take a 10 minute shower. I get to come out to a nice dark stain on the carpet to clean, just what I wanted to do at one o'clock in the morning!

Guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow! (That'd be shampooing the carpet, FYI)


6 Things The PITA Likes...

PITA = Frodo, because he is being a big one today.

Frodo got tagged for this by Bailey, over at Aroha Springers!

1. Fooooood!

2. GreenChair!

3. Walkies!

4. Treats!

5. Running!

6. Baths! ... or not. xD

Frodo's Tagging: Buzz, Vito, Charlie, and Shroom.


Yesterday, there was no snow.

There is supposed to be 10 inches by tonight.

I am excited!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's official!

Dean's list, bitches! ^.^

Just got my semester grades in, A's across the board. Not even an A- in the bunch.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

6th Photo

I stole this from manymuddypaws!

You pick the 6th folder of your photo storing archive and then take the 6th picture from within that folder to share.

Then tag 6 other people:

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My Photo.

This is from the day I decided that Frodo needed a job, and the job would be to accompany me when I went on picture taking trips. It was taken on our first and (so far) only trip out. Although the idea sounds easy, Frodo wasn't as cooperative as I'd hoped, he didn't understand why he couldn't just walk away while I was steadying the camera for a shot and therefore we ended up with a lot of fuzzy pictures. Nonetheless, we both had fun and Frodo got to have his picture taken too! This one was behind our town post office.

Monday, December 15, 2008

If it touches the floor...

it belongs to Frodo. According to Frodo.

He knows he's not allowed to get up on the table and eat stuff, so he's resorted to pushing it off the dinner table or coffee table and then eating it. He just noses it off real slow, because the humans can't see it if you do it slow you know, and then jumps down and gobbles it up.

Izzy uses the pull it off the table, but not Frodo, he has evolved!

This morning it was a tissue, but I've seen him knock off plates, stuffed animals, the remote control. You name it.

They're too smart for their own good sometimes.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

R.I.P. Gerdy

Gerdy went to the bridge (under the bridge?) (a moot point as I don't believe in the bridge?) (whatever.) a few days ago. Thursday to be exact.

I didn't have her long. Got her the day of my first classes this semester and she died the day after my last final. She was a pain in the ass and defeated the whole purpose of my getting a fish in the first place. Was supposed to be entertainment as I studied into the wee hours of the morning. Ended up keeping me from studying in my room at all as she picked fights with her reflection when any lights were on.

She died of dropsy. It was fast, as far as dropsy is concerned. I noticed the pine cone scales while changing her tank on Wednesday and by Thursday night she was dead. I don't think she was in pain, I don't know how much pain fish feel but I hope she didn't feel much.

I had even been planning on a trip to Petco as soon as I figured out my grades to pick up Spencer, her girlfriend. I don't think I'm going to be getting Spencer anytime soon now, but who knows.

R.I.P. Gerdy

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Izzy and Frodo got some pressies!

Remember a while ago when I mentioned I had pictures?
Well, I just figured out how to load a bunch of pics without it taking a bajillion hours, so here they are!

Izzy and Frodo both got new collars from a Secret Santa on the corgi forum I belong to, cool2bcorgi. They're Christmas themed and awesome!

They also got an Ella's Lead to share, I even got it in my University's colors, maroon and gold! It's fantabulous as well!

On to the pictures...


"A present from Santa's Workshop you sez?"

The Collars

Then of course I had to take them outside and torture them with pictures!!

Strike a pose!

"Iz a panther staukin prey, rawr!"

Handsome man!

"Don wanna look at you! Iz revolt!"

Izzy's turn!

Apparently listening to me wasn't at the top of the priority list today...

Izzy's obligatory "she beats me" photo...

I like how the leash is wrapped in this one.

"Focus. I haz it."

I guess all that posing was hard work...

The End!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Corgeenies vs. A Pringles Can

I had an empty Pringles can lying around and I thought it would be a good torture device for Izzy and Frodo...

And as per usual, Izzy was not in a sharing mood... I took it away and that didn't suit her either...
"Mom, if Iz promise be nice to Frodo I can haz it back?" I gave it back.
Then I put Izzy away and gave Frodo a turn, which, not surprisingly, ended in...

The End.

But not quite! A member on a corgi forum I belong to let Izzy know that she better get her little fuzzy butt into the holiday spirit pretty darn quick!

Izzy'd better watch out,
She'd better not bite,
She'd better not cry,
I'm a tellin you why
Santa Dog is coming to town.

He's making pup's lists,
Checking 'em twice,
Gonna find out which corgi's naughty or nice,
Santa Dog is coming to town.

He sees Izzy when she's hoarding,
He knows just what she takes,
He knows when she snarls at her brother,
So be good, for goodness sakes!

Izzy'd better watch out,
She'd better not bite,
She'd better not cry,
I'm a tellin you why
Santa Dog is coming to town.


Saturday, December 6, 2008

I have some VERY exciting news...

...wait for it...

...wait for it...

Think you can handle it?

...wait for it...

Last night at flyball Izzy ran all four jumps, triggered the big scary box with a perfect box turn, and ran back all four jumps. Get her to retrieve and I'm gonna have a flyball dog by-golly! I was so happy! The only help she had was my trainer standing at the end and telling her "go box" so she'd know to hit it.

I think maybe she just did it to get out of the doghouse after our last trip to the fairgrounds...brat.

My new goal is to have her fully retrieving by the end of winter break *crosses fingers*

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Izzy is wedged so far in the back of that doghouse...

Izzy and I went to the fairgrounds again yesterday, started out great as we were the only ones there. Continued to be great for about 25 minutes and Izzy had great recalls and was having an absolute blast, she had a major frapping thing going on. all went to crap. Izzy, the dog with the perfect recall who always listens (as long as there aren't other dogs close by) and checks in with me every few seconds...failed.
There was a bird hopping around and she saw it, and then her brain flew out of her fluffy butt and that was the end. She took off, full tilt after the bird, I recalled her. She didn't even think about coming back, didn't even slow down. Just ran and ran. I waited a little bit, tried again, nothing.

So I just stood there and fumed as that little brat chased that stupid bird all over the place! I think the bird was taunting her, it didn't go above 2 feet off the ground and would fly ahead, land, look back and call at her. Regardless, I was not a happy camper.

Eventually she got tired and then she had the audacity to come sprinting back to see if I'd give her cookies. She didn't get any cookies. Though I did give her pets and made myself act happy because I didn't want her to associate coming back to me as being a bad thing. Not sure if it would work after she's been associating it with good things for almost 3 years, but why risk it?

We went straight home and Izzy is in the doghouse for all of the foreseeable future.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Another day at the fairgrounds...

and Izzy did a full 180 degree turn in her behavior. She was awesome today!

When we got to the grounds there was a couple big dogs I saw on the drive in, including a St. Bernard that was dragging a lead so I made a mental note to stay far from them, just because I usually associate a dog dragging a lead to have a bad recall or to in some way need to have an option for the owner to get a hold of it quick.

Anyway, we walked around for a good 40 minutes, just me moseying and her going full tilt and practicing recalls (100% again, I might add) and just generally kept our distance from the other dogs. We did do a bit of exploring behind the row of wooded area the runs the length of most of the fairgrounds. It looks like someone might grow crops back there and there is a bunch of soccer fields as well, though it was more like a swamp than anything! The low temps didn't stop Izzy from splashing through the huge puddles though, she had a grand time.

I was hoping there wouldn't be anybody down there as it rained pretty much all day. Didn't turn out that way though, and all the dogs there today were big! The smallest dogs I saw were a pair of oversized goldens!

We didn't stay long today as I have a bunch of homework and I won't have any time to do anything on Wednesday or Thursday as I work both of those days, so we headed back to the car after a good 45 minutes. While I was packing everything up and getting ready to leave a gorgeous Great Dane and it's owner were walking past where we were parked so I decided to work with Izzy for a bit on a modified version of the Look at That! game from Leslie McDevitt's Control Unleashed. She did awesome! One time I went too long between rewarding her and she gave the dog a bark, but it wasn't at all an aggressive bark. I even stopped the game and went back to getting ready to leave while the Dane was still in sight (the closest he was to us was probably only about 50-75 feet, but he was running and very flighty, which usually makes Izzy nervous), and she was fine. Watched it still, but wasn't overly tense or reactive.

Getting her to stay on her toweled seat while I walk around and get in the driver's side is another story! I rode home on a wet seat.

In other exciting news, I ordered a pair of Muck Boots for the fairgrounds!
I think my feet are still thawing from today! My shoes and pants were soaked through, it was bad. I know it'll only get worse this winter so I figured I might as well order a pair while they're having a sale.

Izzy and Frodo recieved some stuff in the mail a few days ago and I have pictures, I figure they'll go up tomorrow.

Back to homework, finals next week!