Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Fairgrounds.

Since it's getting colder the masses seemed to have slowed down at the fairgrounds, thank goodness! It seems to be back to the crowd where everybody keeps their distance from everybody else and, most importantly, their dogs listen! Boy, what a concept!

So Izzy and I are going to be there a lot more as that is the best place for me to let her run and to work on her reactivity training. I went out and bought a really thin 50ft clothesline and attached it to her harness, so that's what she's on when we're there. It works really well, but if I try and stop her, rope burn! Thankfully she very rarely decides to keep going when I call her, and if she does it's always because I've pushed her past her threshold.

I took her down yesterday morning (Black Friday) and it was completely empty, woot! I still made her wear the line didn't even bother to keep her close. It's a good thing too because since my bike was stolen she has been driving. me. crazy. because I can't give her the exercise she needs through walking alone. We were down there for probably about an hour and a half and I don't think she stopped once, she just ran and ran and ran and ran and ran. We did recall work and she was spot on, every single time. My favorite is to call her when she's in a full out sprint away from me because she turns on a dime and it's adorable! All of her recalls though are sprints back to me, there's none of this trotting or moseying back, she has to race!

I take her dinner along as treats because if the treats are really good she refuses to exercise and sniff, she just follows me around. *sigh*

We went today as well, though I wasn't at all suprised that there was some people there as it is Saturday. There was a young guy there who had a shepherd mix who I was super jealous of because his dog was all about the ball! I don't think Izzy even saw them though. It took her quite a while to realize there was other dogs there, not surprising as the area is huge and there's small hills and the wind was blowing. We practiced recalls a bit before she figured out that there was other dogs around and I held the end of the line just to be safe.

The first dog she saw, a cocker with an elderly couple, she didn't make a huge deal about. The only issue we had was that she went to the end of the leash and when I recalled her she took 2 steps towards me then turned around. I reeled her in and made her sit. She was definitely tense and aware of the dog, but she was able to listen to commands and after about 30 seconds we were able to keep going. She was still tuned into the other dog as we walked, but she recalled fine and was able to control herself.

As we were walking we ended up parallel to an old man and his black and white springer spanial. The dog was gorgeous and bouncing all over the place. Izzy somehow didn't see it for quite some time, despite my even pointing it out! Then when she did eventually see it, she wasn't too happy. She barkgrowled a bit while I walked over to her as she would not come when I called. I put her regular leash on and asked her for a sit and then eye contact, neither of which she was willing to do. So I backed her up a few feet and this time she was able to sit and after a few minutes was able to make eye contact with me. I praised and treated and she was able to also do a down stay while the dog got closer. Her attention stayed on me for most of the time and she was able to do as asked while we watched the old man and dog go past.

I'm not going to lie, I was disappointed that she reacted, but it wasn't really bad so I should be thankful for that.

We walked around some more and eventually we were there alone and I let her run as far as she wanted and after a bit of that we headed home.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

No Puppies!!

It seems like everybody is getting puppies but me! And I'm not happy about it!

So I made a list of things that must be done before I can get a puppy...

-Must have a bigger car that can fit said puppy + 2 corgeenies
-Must know what I'm doing after I graduate, no puppies if I can't find an apartment for grad school
-Must have helped Balou to the bridge, many of the breeds I'm looking at have high prey drive, I don't want to give Balou any more trouble than he already gets from Frodo
-Must have more free time than I currently do, puppies are a lot of work!
-Must have a spare $40/week for agility lessons
-Must be able to spend less time exercising Izzy, she's driving me nuts!

That's all I can think of off the top of my head...

I want a puppy NOW!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Izzy wants to know...

When the next casting call is for the Blair Witch Project movies. She thinks she'd do great, she's even been practicing her dramatically scared look.

"What waz teh sound? Iz a witch?!"

She also wants everyone to know if she gets turned down for the role it will be completely my fault for not bathing and brushing her before sending in these photos...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who wants to drive me to the loony bin?

Remember that last post? (I think I'm going to start every post with that sentence, then people will forget what it said and go back and read it...which will really accomplish nothing except I can pretend it happens and sent out invisible "Gotcha!" waves.) Anyway, remember that last post where I said I got another job? Yeah, well, I'd like to know who thought me getting another job was a good idea? Really...

Today's schedule:
6-6:59am - Shower/walk dogs
7-9:15am - Homework
9:16-9:25am - Walk to school while eating breakfast
9:30 -12:15pm - Class
12:16-12:45pm - Homework in Library/Check email
12:46-12:59pm - Walk to Campus job
1-3pm - Campus job
3:01-3:10pm - Walk home
3:11-3:25pm - Walk dogs at rapid pace around block/change into work clothes
3:26-3:30pm - Drive to work at Panera Bread
3:31-10pm - Work at Panera Bread
10-now - Drive home/Walk dogs/Shower/Feed dogs/Sit on computer

Plus college full time and taking care of 6 animals.

Yeah. I'm busy.
At least I don't work every day. I worked today, tomorrow I work 5-10pm and Sunday I work 12-9pm. So it's not that bad, I just really need to manage my time to get all my work done.
I never thought I'd say this but I'm kind of glad I live at home right now because at least the dogs aren't home alone all day, my mom is here with them.

Whew, time for bed.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm a liar...and updates on other unimportant stuffs...

Remember that last post? The one where I said we were going to start going to the state park? Yeah, well, that was a lie. Haven't been there yet, though I did buy mace, that has to count for something right? I tend to do this a lot though, promise the dogs something and then not follow through. They don't seem too upset about it. Maybe they've come to expect it from me, or maybe it's because they don't speak or comprehend the majority of the English language aside from "walk" "hungry?" and "treats." They know others when it benefits them.
It's a good thing I don't ever plan on having children, I'd be that horrible parent who promises their kid everything and delivers on nothing. At least I'd be consistent.

In other news, I picked up another job. That's three, count them, three jobs now! It's at Panera Bread.

I had planned on moving into my own apartment, one of the reasons I got another job, but it seems nobody wants to rent to a college student with two dogs. Go figure! So for now I'm stuck at home and not very happy about it. If I can somehow make the upstairs tenant's lives so miserable that they cannot live there anymore, I get to move up there. Which means my mom will be my landlord and I would be able to get another dog or at the very least foster some.
It's probably sad that I'm already planning a corgi themed room for the dogs. I don't care.

I'm presenting one of my stories to the Creative Writing Guild next week. If it doesn't turn out to be complete crap I might post a link for all of you non-existent blog followers to read.

Izzy and Frodo both had a teeny, tiny piece of liver this morning. I'm expecting assplosions for walks tonight.

Frodo ate the squirrels, Izzy turned them down. *cues screeching brakes sound effect* That's right, Izzy the garbage disposal actually turned down edible material. Frodo thought it was great. They're both getting sick of so much chicken, pork is still good. I have to wait for my paycheck next Friday to start adding a new protein, probably beef since turkey is expensive this time of year.

My bike was stolen so there will be no more bikerides for Izzy and I. We are both very upset.

I want a collie.

The End.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Izzy, Frodo, and I had a family discussion today...

and we've decided that we have been severely underutilizing the state park that is roughly a half hour away from our house. So from now on I'm going to try and get each of the dogs (meaning Frodo and Izzy...maybe bring Mollie along with Frodo on occasion) there twice a week. I'm not sure about their winter policy yet, so I'm not sure how much winter hiking we'll be doing...

Anywho, I'm thinking tomorrow morning I might drive up with Izzy and just do a short (1 mile) trail, just to see how she does. This depends on whether I really decide to just throw caution to the wind and wait to write my Lit Studies paper until the last minute. It's a real possibility at this point.

The park is called Ricketts Glen State Park and there are over 26 miles of hiking trails at all different difficulty levels.

I hope I can get there without getting lost.


That is all.