Tuesday, December 16, 2008

6th Photo

I stole this from manymuddypaws!

You pick the 6th folder of your photo storing archive and then take the 6th picture from within that folder to share.

Then tag 6 other people:

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My Photo.

This is from the day I decided that Frodo needed a job, and the job would be to accompany me when I went on picture taking trips. It was taken on our first and (so far) only trip out. Although the idea sounds easy, Frodo wasn't as cooperative as I'd hoped, he didn't understand why he couldn't just walk away while I was steadying the camera for a shot and therefore we ended up with a lot of fuzzy pictures. Nonetheless, we both had fun and Frodo got to have his picture taken too! This one was behind our town post office.


CharlieDog said...

Haha, you jerk! It'll have to wait until tomorrow though, since I'm away from my photo storing computer :p

Also, you only listed five other blogs doofus. :D ;)

Meg said...

I played... hah.

Meg said...

And... I tagged Frodo in the "six things I like" so... yeah... uhh... hmmm.